Thankful: Learning from the farmer in the Dell

THE BRAZEN CAREERIST- Thankful: Learning from the farmer in the Dellby PENELOPE TRUNK,  published July 17, 2008A man emailed me that I need a friend on a farm. I'm not sure how he knew I'm fascinated with farms, but I am. He invited me and my kids to his cattle farm in a town of 500 people, one of whom are visible from the farm. I parked my car in the middle of a dirt road.There were fields everywhere. It was every farm: red barn, white house, green fields. The first thing I said to him: "What are you doing out here? All alone? Who do you talk to? He smiled. He said he had friends. It turns out, though, that his friends had kids. The place was tricked out for kids: a rope for swinging, baby chicks, 10 cats, and piglets to pet. I don't get it. He thought my question was funny. "I'm an entrepreneur. Farming is changing a lot. The farmer told me about how the buy-local movement is great-- it's increasing profits for farmers who can shift their business model. Today, the famil...
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